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Vision Statement:

The Cheer IMAGE Iconz Recreational Program is committed to managing and promoting a positive competitive recreational cheer squad in Warren, Ohio.

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to develop powerful and self-confident athletes in the sport of cheer. Integrity, work ethic, mutual respect, accountability, and a high level of commitment is our foundation for a successful outcome. Through proper training, performances and competitions, Cheer Image Iconz serves to build a program that develops self-respect and boosts the emotional maturity of its athletes.  We embrace the philosophy that “EVERY” child is an “ICON” and with the right amount of love, support and guidance, each of them will excel in the sport of cheer and grow in their accomplishments, both on and off the mat.


C.I. Program Goals:

    The Cheer IMAGE Iconz Recreational Program  will provide the complete program of cheerleading from the basics to the advanced.

The Cheer IMAGE Iconz Recreational Program will promote the importance of a solid education.

TheCheer IMAGE Iconz Recreational Program will build self esteem by focusing on the positive aspects of each participant.

The Cheer IMAGE Iconz Recreational Program will encourage good physical fitness by engaging in the sport of cheerleading and dance. 

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